Low Emission Coach Hire

11 October 2019

Low Emission Coach Hire

It’s official, coaches are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and DEFRA have released the 2019 figures for CO2 emissions which shows that coach travel creates significantly lower emissions than cars, flights or domestic rail journeys...


Travelling by coach improves our environment in many ways. Coaches are allowed to use most bus lanes, therefore travel is quicker with less congestion and less air pollution, a win win situation for the environment and relaxed passengers.

You need to ensure that any coach you hire benefits from the latest EURO 6 technology. Peter Carol is a fully licensed coach operator with over 50 years’ experience arranging quality, personalised trips and a fleet of coaches ranging from 31 to 51 seats, all of which are EURO 6 compliant. This is particularly important if you are travelling to central London where all coaches need to comply with the new Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Many of our customers hire a private coach to help them enjoy trips with family, friends, clubs, teams or work colleagues. Hiring your own coach gives you an opportunity like no other to personalise your trip to suit you, enjoy a relaxed stress-free trip with the added convenience of a local pick up and being transported wherever you want.

Peter Carol is proud of our superior level of service and vehicles and are confident that you will have an enjoyable experience you won’t forget. Our climate controlled coaches offer reclining seats with FREE wifi, power sockets and WC/ washroom. Nothing is too much trouble and our knowledgeable uniformed staff look after you from start to finish, you can even have drinks served to you at your seat.

Now you can enjoy the added bonus of knowing when you hire a coach from Peter Carol you are travelling in an environmentally friendly way and doing your bit to help protect the planet.

Contact Peter Carol’s friendly team on 01275 839 839 or email [email protected] to find out more about private coach hire and our competitive pricing.