The Mousetrap

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    The Mousetrap

    Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap is the longest running show in the world having kept audiences guessing for over 63 years.

    The St. Martins's Theatre in London's West End continues to attract theatre goers from all over the world. True to her unique style, Dame Agatha Christie's superbly intricate plot creates an incredible atmosphere of suspense with murder lurking around every corner.

    A group of people gather at a guest house in the country – Monkswell Manor. Whilst gut off from the outside world by snow they find out, to their horror, that a murderer is amongst them. Who could it be?

    With suspicion running rife, gradually each character reveals their sordid past until a last nerve-racking crescendo when the identity and motive of the murderer is revealed.

    Can you stand the suspense of The Mousetrap? If so, shhh, don't forget to keep the ending a secret.

    “A Truly Entertaining Classic” The Sunday Times

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